TPBC Membership

(according to the constitution)


Membership shall be opened to those who subscribe to the Statements of Faith of the Church and who:
(a) manifest a genuine spiritual experience of salvation and demonstrate a life which characterizes a true believer;
(b) have been baptized;
(c) indicate willingness to co-operate in the work of the Church, to be governed by its constitution and to contribute his support to the Church regularly.


Rights Of Members

All members who:-

  1. meet the qualifications for members as stipulated in ARTICLE VII, section 1.1;
  2. are eighteen (18) years of age and above; and
  3. whose names appear on the Register of members for not less than 2 years; shall constitute the legal voting membership.


Associate Members

Persons who for various reasons may not as yet indicate their intention to become legal voting members but who desire the fellowship of the Church shall be Associate Members of the Church but they shall have no voting rights.


Obligations of Members

Members of the Church shall have the following obligations:-

  1. To carry out the work of Christian service in order to build up the body of Christ so as to attain oneness in faith and knowledge of the Son of God.
  2. To sincerely pray and work at exalting Christ so that lives be blessed through the ministries of the Church.
  3. To count it their joy and privilege to participate regularly in worship, fellowship and services with the Church congregation for the purpose of glorifying God and exercising and encouraging one another in love and good works.
  4. To endeavour to live in a way that consistently honours Jesus Christ Whom they had acknowledged as the Lord of their life.
  5. To seek to discover their spiritual gifts and to use them in service for the edification of the Church.
  6. To endeavour to participate faithfully and cheerfully in the financial support of the ministries by their tithes and offerings.
  7. To make every reasonable effort to be present at all General Meetings of the Church.


Transfer Of Membership

When accepted, the member shall be publicly received at any of the Church’s regular worship. The Church will recognize only two (2) classes of transfer of membership as follows:-

  1. Transfer of membership to another Evangelical Church;
  2. Transfer of membership from another Evangelical Church.

A Certificate of Christian standing and a letter of transfer addressed to the Pastor of the receiving Church and duly signed by the Pastor may be granted to any member of the Church upon written request whereupon he/she shall cease to be a member of the Church.

Any person who is currently a member of another Evangelical Church and who agrees to subscribe to the Statements of Faith and be governed by the Constitution of the Church, may, by a letter of recommendation from the Pastor of the recommending Church addressed to the Pastor request for transfer of membership.


Termination Of Membership

Membership in the Church shall be terminated if:-

  1. The member’s present whereabouts are unknown;
  2. The member, for more than six (6) consecutive months, is absent, without any satisfactory cause, from regular Church worship;
  3. The member ceases to subscribe to the Statements of Faith;
  4. The member has radically departed from the doctrines and practices established by the Church;
  5. The member unites with another Church without prior notice to the Church.

The Church shall have the discretion to restore a person’s membership when:-

  1. a satisfactory explanation has been given;
  2. such member shows evidence of repentance and reformation.




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