Young People’s Ministry (Service)

Come join us on Sunday!

Time: 10:45am (except 1st Sunday of every month when we congregate at the Sunday Worship Service (4th floor Sanctuary@ 830am)

Venue: Level 3, Auditorium

Combined Services for YPM in 2019 (SSM, Tertiary and Workforce)

13 Jan YPM Alpha Service Rev Jacob Ang
29 Dec YPM Omega Service TBC

Messages for Tertiary-Workforce level (18-30 years old) : Please refer to the preaching calendar for the Sunday Worship Service

2019 Messages for Secondary School Ministry (13-17 years old) 

6* Combined service with SWS [John 1:1-18] Rev Choy Wing Yut
13 YPM Combined Service (YPM Alpha Service) Rev Jacob Ang
20 Chicken or Egg (God as Creator) I Sis Jayne Yap
27* Combined Service with SWS [John 2:1-11] Rev Daniel Fan
3* Combined service with SWS [John 2:12-25] Rev Daniel Fan
10# Combined Service with SWS [John 3:1-21] Rev Choy Wing Yut
17 Chicken or Egg (God as Creator) II Sis Jayne Yap
24 Back to the Hall of Justice (God as Judge) I Sis. Esther &  Xinying
3*  Combined service with SWS [John 4:27-42] Rev Jacob Ang
 10 Back to the Hall of Justice (God as Judge) II Sis Esther & Sis Xinying
17  S*I*N* (Man has sinned) I Bros. Abel & Dexter
 24 S*I*N* (Man has sinned) II Bros. Abel & Dexter
31 You can run but you can’t hide                  (Consequences of sin) I Sis Emily & Trina
7*  Combined service with SWS  [John 6:1-15]
 14 You can run but you can’t hide                      (Consequences of sin) II Sis Emily & Trina
 19  Good Friday Service
 21 Combined Service with SWS [Resurrection Sunday]
 28  Unique??? (Person of Christ) I Bro Leon Teo
MAY  FAMILY MONTH-Combined Service with SWS
 2*  Combined service with SWS [John 6:52-71]
 9 Unique??? (Person of Christ) II Bro Leon Teo
16 Combined Service with SWS [Church Retreat]
23 The Passion of Christ (The work of Christ) I Bro Elisha Teh
30 The Passion of Christ (The work of Christ) II Bro Elisha Teh
 7*  Combined service with SWS [John 8:12-30]
 14 R&R (Repentance) I Sis Angeline
 21 R&R (Repentance) II Sis Angeline
 28 K(new) me? Eternal Life I Sis Ariela Yap
 4*  Combined service with SWS [Follow-up Sunday] Rev Daniel Fan
 11 K(new) me? Eternal Life II Sis Ariela Yap
 18 (Prince)ss’ Diaries (Position in Christ) I Sis Pearlin & Ziawen
 25  (Prince)ss’ Diaries (Position in Christ) II Sis Pearlin & Ziawen
SEP  MISSIONS MONTH- Combined Service with SWS
6 * Combined Service with SWS [John 13:1-17]
 13 Grow (Christ the Centre) Bro Theophilus Teo
 20 Grow Vertically (Word of God) I Bro Jonathan Foo
 27 Grow Vertically (Word of God) II Bro Jonathan Foo
 3*  Combined service with SWS [John 15:1-11]
 1o Grow Vertically (Prayer) Bro Theophilus Teo
 18 Grow Horizontally (Fellowship) Sis Jayne & Angeline
 25 Grow Horizontally (Witnessing) I Bro Douglas Lai
 1*  Combined service with SWS [John 17:1-26]
 8 Grow Horizontally (Witnessing) II Bro Douglas Lai
 22* Combined Service with SWS (Baptismal Sunday)
 25 Christmas Service
 29 YPM Combined Service (YPM Omega Service)
 31## Watchnight Service

* Combined Services with SWS at 4th floor, Sanctuary @ 8:30am

# Combined service SWS at 4th floor, Sanctuary @ 8:45am

## Please contact the church office to confirm the timing for the Good Friday Service, Christmas Service and Watchnight service

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