Welcome to The People’s Bible Church (TPBC).

We are thankful that the Lord has redeemed us from sin and is in the process of transforming us into a people who will praise and glorify His Name to the world, through the way we live, relate and serve one another and with one another.

Our theme for this year and beyond is “Discipleship as a redemptive journey with our families.” Discipleship is defined as the process of following our Lord Jesus, doing His Will, in His Way as revealed in His Word which provides us our bases for all our “being and doing” for Him.

Having experienced the redemptive grace of our Lord, we seek to become His redemptive community, providing a safe environment to experience and extend redemptive grace so that people in our midst are progressively transformed by His Spirit through His Word  into the likeness of Christ whom we believe and worship.

We believe God has given us two key redemptive communities:

  1. The Church Family and
  2. Our individual families

We believe that the family is one of the most the important yet often neglected arenas where spiritual nurture and discipleship are lived and learned (Deuteronomy 6; Ephesians 5:22-6:4).

The Church Family will come alongside to encourage, disciple and equip every man and woman to fulfil his or her respective roles as parents to impart faith to the family and also to help every son and daughter to honour his or her parents.

We recognize that left to themselves every family can become self-seeking and self-centred, caring only for their own affairs. Hence we encourage every family to actively participate in the life of the bigger Church Family to care, share and bear one with another.

While focussing on the strengthening of the family, we do not forget the fact that we are to be Christ’s witnesses in the world – our workplace or school wherever He sent us. Hence the equipping of the individuals through the church and family are not ends in themselves, but means that would enable and empower us to be His ‘salt and light’ to the world, as part of fulfilling of His Great Commission.

We welcome you to join us in this redemptive journey. We believe that you, being created in God’s image and redeemed by the Lord, are God’s gifts to us to enrich our community. And as you journey with us, we pray that you will in turn be enriched firstly by the Lord Himself who travels with us and by the experiences in the community here. The Lord bless you.

Pastor Daniel Fan,
Senior Pastor


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