Welcome to The People’s Bible Church (TPBC).

As Christ’s redeemed people, we are on a redemptive journey to know Him and live out the Gospel of Christ before the world by  becoming what we are redeemed to be. In the process we manifest His glory and give honour to His Name.  We have started this journey since 1970, initially as a group of students. Over the years the Lord has grown us and blessed us with families – parents and grandparents journeying together. We have learnt much from our Lord and seek to develop and inculcate the following values in our community, seeking to become the Gospel of Christ to the world:

A- Authentic Relationships: Christian community is about relationships that are authentic, meaning it provides a safe environment to unmask ourselves without being shamed or rejected.

B- Biblically-Grounded: As God’s People, God’s Word, not human or worldly principles shall be the basis of our plans and actions.

C- Christ-centered: Christian living and Christian community are all about Christ – manifesting the glory of his Name and honouring Him, rather than building our own name, whether individual or as a church.

D- Discipling Mentality:  Christ has commanded us to make disciples. Making disciples goes beyond making converts, seeking to help new believers growing into Christ-like disciples who honour Christ, be it at home, in the church or in the world. This is multi-faceted endeavour flowing from a discipling mentality that seeks to grow converts into disciples with the power of Christ. This is also to ensure the next generations are discipled.

E- Empowering for service: Service in the community is an essential part of the disciple’s growth. We seek to encourage and equip one another to serve the community by unselfishly passing on knowledge and skills so that everyone can be effective in his or her service for Christ.

F- Faith-enhancing: Our redemptive journey is a journey of faith, seeking to rely on Christ as the Source of strength and resources to serve Him.

G- Grace & Love abounding: We seek to mirror Christ in dealing and relating with one another by an environment of redemptive love and grace of the Lord.

H- Holy in character: In such an environment of love and grace, we seek to uphold holiness of God by not compromising with sin but walking in righteousness, yet in a spirit of humility.

I- Integrated community: The church is God’s Family of families, with the beautiful gathering of the young and old coming together. This beauty is enhanced with the healthy interaction and coordination across the generations and those in various ministries for effective service and mutual edification and learning. We seek to provide environments for such integration, interaction and learning.

These lofty Biblical values manifested in a community of imperfect people  is a visible expression of what the Gospel of Christ really is – lives transformed and brought together to walk and work  in harmony under God’s loving hand. We are far from attaining these standards, very much a work-in-progress. Yet to the end that we strive, with dependence on God, to see every member passionate for Christ and touching lives, we manifest His glory to one another and to the world around.

Come, join us in this exciting redemptive journey through “high mountains and dark valleys” because the Redeemer who travels with us will greatly enrich each and every one of us in the process, with His redemptive presence.

Pastor Daniel Fan
Senior Pastor


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