Sunday Worship Service

Come join us on Sunday!

When: 8:30am (1st Sunday) & 8:45am (Other Sundays)

Where: Level 4 Sanctuary

# Service commences at 8.30am. (Holy Communion)
* Combined Service (SWS & YPM) commencing at 8:30am
+ Combined Service (SWS & YPM) commencing at 8:45am
** Special timing – please refer to weekly bulletin or under Events for the timing.

Preaching Calendar (Year 2019)

JAN Gospel of John (Embracing the Word)
06*# The Word became Flesh (John 1:1-18] Rev Choy Wing Yut
13 The voice in the wilderness [John 1:19-34] Rev Henry Ng
20 Come and See [John 1:35-51] Rev Choy Wing Yut
27* Church Growth Sunday [John 2:1-11] Rev Daniel Fan
FEB Gospel of John (Embracing the Word)
3 Zeal for Thy House [John 2:12-25] Rev Daniel Fan
10 The New Birth [John 3:1-21] Rev Choy Wing Yut
17 He must increase, I must decrease [John 3:22-36] Rev Henry Ng
24 Reaching the Outcast [John 4:1-26] Rev Choy Wing Yut
MAR Gospel of John (Embracing the Word)
03*# Doing God’s Will [John 4:27-42] Rev Jacob Ang
10 Long Distance Healing [John 4:43-54] Rev Choy Wing Yut
17 Healing Spritual Paralysis [John 5:1-5]  Rev Henry Ng
24 The Authority of the Son [John 5:16-29]  Rev Choy Wing Yut
31 Evidence that demands a verdict [John 5:30-47] Rev Daniel Fan
APR Gospel of John (Embracing the Word)
07*# Five loaves and two fish [John 6:1-15] Rev Choy Wing Yut
14 Walking on water [John 6:16-25] Rev Daniel Fan
19 Is Jesus the only way? [John 14:6] Rev Choy Wing Yut
21 Resurrection Sunday Rev Jacob Ang
28 The bread of life [John 6:26-51] Rev Henry  Ng
05*# The family under attack Dr Val Gonzales
12+ Parenting the next generation Dr R Solomon
19+ Making sense of the LGBT issue Mr Jason Wong
26+ Single or Married- Complete in Christ Rev Henry Ng
JUN Gospel of John (Embracing the Word)
02*# Hard Sayings [ John 6:52-71] Rev Choy Wing Yut
9 The divine timetable [John 7:1-13] Rev Daniel Fan
16+ Honoring the Father [Ephesians 3:14-21] Rev Henry Ng
23 Christ the divider [John 7:14-52] Pst Robert Huynh
30  Woman caught in adultery [John 7:53-8:11] Rev Jacob Ang 
JUL Gospel of John (Embracing the Word)
07*# Live out the Lordship of Christ [1 Peter 3:13-17] Rev Daniel Fan
14 The light of the world [John 8:12-30] Rev Henry Ng
21 The Truth shall set you free [John 8:31-59] Rev Choy Wing Yut
28 I was blind but now I see [John 9:1-41] Rev Daniel Fan
AUG Gospel of John (Embracing the Word)
04*# The Good Shepherd [John 10:21] Rev Choy Wing Yut
11 The Sheep Hear His Voice [John 10:22-42] Rev Daniel Fan
18 The Resurrection and the Life [John 11:1-57] Rev Jacob Ang
25 The Seed Must Die [John 12:1-50] Pst Robert Huynh
02*# The Loving Lord’s heart for the lost [John 4:34-38, Matthew 9:35-38] Mr Rodney Hui
09* The passionate front-liners [Isaiah 6] Dr Stanley Ling
15* The fervent intercessors [Ephesians 6:12,18,19] Dr John Lim
22* The active encouragers [1 Cor 16:17-18, Phil 2:25-30] Dr Samuel Law
29* The Grace to give generously [2 Cor 9:6-15] Rev Jacob Ang
OCT  Gospel of John (Experiencing the Life)
06*# The Towel and the Basin [John 13:1-17] Rev Jacob Ang
13 The Pain of Betrayal [John 13:18-38] Rev Joseph Yap
20 Only One Way [John 14:1-15] Rev Henry Ng
27 No Longer Orphans [John 14:6-31] Mr Lim Chien Chong
NOV Gospel of John (Experiencing the Life)
03*# The Vine and the Branches [John 15:1-17] Rev Daniel Fan
10 Be Prepared for Hatred and Persecution [John 15:18-16:4] Rev Jacob Ang
17 Empowered to bear Witness[John 15:26-16:15] Rev Henry Ng
24 Overcoming the World [John 16:16-33] Rev Daniel Fan
DEC Gospel of John (Experiencing the Life)
01*# The High Priestly Prayer [John 17:1-26] Rev Henry Ng
8 Arrest, Denial and Trial [John 18:1-40] Rev Jacob Ang
15 The Crucifixion of Christ [John 19:1-42] Rev Daniel Fan
22* The Resurrection of Christ [John 20:1-31] Pst Robert Huynh
25 Christmas Service [The Light of Christmas] Dr Desmond Soh
29 You follow Me! [John 21:1-25] Rev Jacob Ang
31** Watch-Night Service Rev Daniel Fan
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