Sunday Worship Service

Come join us on Sunday!

When: 8:30am (1st Sunday) & 8:45am ( on other Sundays)

Where: Sanctuary (Level 4)

# Service commences at 8.30am. (Holy Communion)
* Combined Service (SWS & YPM) commencing at 8:30am
+ Combined Service (SWS & YPM) commencing at 8:45am
** Special timing – please refer to weekly bulletin or under Events for the timing.

Preaching Calendar (Year 2020)

JAN Jubilee
06*# Jubilee- A year of New Beginning [Lev 25:8-55] Rev Daniel Fan
12 Experiencing Jubilee in Jesus                                  [Luke 4:18-19, Isaiah 61:1-2] Rev Henry Ng
19* Church Growth Sunday: Jubilee Call: Being God’s Shining Family [Acts 2:42-47, 4:32-37] Rev Daniel Fan
26+ The Blessings of Obedience [Lev 26:1-13] Rev Henry Ng
FEB Book of Galatians
2*# Gospel 2.0 Upgrade? [Gal 1:1-9] Rev Daniel Fan
9 Defense of Paul & the Gospel [Gal 1:10-2:10] Rev Jacob Ang
16 Paul’s Opposition to Peter [Gal 2:11-21] Rev Joseph Yap
23 Paul’s Appeal  [Gal 3:1-14] Eld. Lai Jit Meng
MAR Book of Galatians
1*# Heirs according to Promise [Gal 3:15-29] Pst Robert Huynh
8 From Freedom to Slavery [Gal 4:1-11] Rev Daniel Fan
15 Heart to Heart [Gal 4:12-20] Rev Daniel Fan
22 Gospel in the OT [Gal 4:21-5:1]  Rev Henry Ng
29 Freedom from Ritual and Legalists [Gal 5:1-12] Rev Henry Ng
APR Book of Galatians
05*# Freedom in the Spirit [Gal 5:13-26] Rev Daniel Fan
10 Good Friday Service: A Man of Sorrows [Isa 53:3-7] TBC
12 Resurrection Sunday: A Living Hope [1 Peter 1:3-7] Pst Robert Huynh
19 Expression of walking by the Spirit [Gal 6:1-10] Rev Daniel Fan
26 Concluding Warning [Gal 6:11-18] Rev Daniel Fan
MAY  (Church Family Life)
03*# A family that remembers (Deut 8) Bishop Solomon
10+ A family that honours (tribute to parents)    [Proverbs 31:10-31] Rev Daniel Fan
17+ A family that finishes the race well [2 Tim 4:7] Rev Daniel Fan
24+ A family that loves & forgives [Col 3:12-17] Rev Jacob Ang
31+ A family that serves [Romans 12] Dr Val Gonzales
JUN Book of Ephesians
07*# Our Spritual Blessings in Christ [ Eph 1:1-14] Rev Daniel Fan
14 Thanksgiving & Intercessory Prayer [Eph 1:15-23] Rev Jacob Ang
21 The Priest of the Family [Ephesians 3:14-21] Rev Simon Say
28 The Gospel: Saved by Grace [John 7:14-52] Dr Steven Tan
JUL Book of Ephesians
5*# Responding to the ‘New Normal’ [Isaiah 43:14-21] Rev Daniel Fan
12 Saved by Grace- Gentiles included [Eph 2:11-22] Rev Henry Ng
19 The mystery of Christ [Eph 3:1-13] Rev Henry Ng
26 Paul’s intercessory prayers and doxology            [Eph 3:14-21] Rev Joseph Yap
AUG Book of Ephesians
2*# Unity of the Spirit [Eph 4:16] Rev Jacob Ang
9 Equipping the saints for ministry [Eph 4:7-13] Rev Jacob Ang
16 Speaking the truth in love [Eph 4:14-16] Rev Jacob Ang
23 Put on the new self [Eph 4:17-24] Rev Henry Ng
30 Put away falsehood [Eph 4:25-32] Rev Henry Ng
SEP (MISSIONS MONTH)  Ordinary people in extra-ordinary missions
6* Mission to the under-privileged TBC
13* Mission of Truth and Grace Rev James Lai
20* Mission to the migrant workers Dr Calvin Chong
27* Bi-vocational Missions Dr Samuel Law
OCT Book of Ephesians
4*# Be imitators of God [Eph 5:1-6] Rev Daniel Fan
11 Walk as children of light [Eph 5:7-14] Rev Daniel Fan
18 Understanding the Lord’s will [Eph 5:15-20] Rev Daniel Fan
25 Relating as husbands and wives [Eph 5:21-33] Elder Lai Jit Meng
NOV Book of Ephesians
1*# Relating in the family [Eph 6:1-4] Rev Henry Ng
8 Relating in the work place [Eph 6:5-9] Rev Henry Ng
15 Put on the whole armor of God [Eph 6:10-17] Rev Jacob Ang
22 Praying at all times [Eph 6:18-24] Rev Jacob Ang
29 A great light has dawned [Isaiah 9:2, 6-7] Pst Robert Huynh
DEC God’s Story
6*# Prepare the way [Isaiah 40:3-5] Rev Daniel Fan
13 The hour has come [Romans 13:11-14] Rev Henry Ng
20** How beautiful are the feet [Isaiah 52:7-9] Rev Daniel Fan
25** Christmas Service Rev Jacob Ang
27 The Day of His coming [Malachi 3:1-6]  Pst Robert Huynh
31** Watch Night Service Rev Daniel Fan
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