Finishing Well Fellowship (FWF)

FWF Team: David & Michelle, Daniel & Sok Hia, Stephen & Priscilla, Moses Sia and Kok Hsien.

Pastoral Advisor – Pst Henry Ng

Every member passionate for Christ, touching lives and finishing well                                             

The TPBC Finishing Well Fellowship (FWF) was formed to encourage every member of TPBC to run their life race well and to finish victoriously like Paul. At the end of his sojourn on earth, Paul was able to declare that he has fought the good fight. He was a race finisher. He had kept the faith and had fulfilled his calling. The FWF seeks to inspire members to run their life’s race with excellence especially in their senior years. We encourage every member to be faithful and fruitful to the end. We challenge each member to look forward to the Day of His appearing and the award of the Crown of Righteousness by the Lord, the Righteous Judge.

The FWF is also open to anyone who is unable to join the SWS for whatever reason or who is not in any small group ministry. FWF meets every Saturday from 4.30 to 6.30 pm in our Lorong Ah Soo premises.

The official launch date for the FWF was 3 March 2018.

For more information on the Finishing Well Fellowship, visit:

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