Boy’s Brigade

Be the Youth Organisation of Choice!

Our Mission
“To nurture Youth, based on Christian values to lead and serve.”

Our Company: 69J Company (Xinghua Primary School)

Parade Timing: Every Tuesday from 7.30-9.00am during term time

Our Beliefs

  • We are first for youth
  • We provide fun, meaningful and challenging activities
  • We are committed to serve the community
  • We are served and led by volunteers
  • We are enterprising in tune with our changing world
  • We actively engage our stakeholders
  • We are a Christian organisation for all youth

Badgework for Boy’s Brigade:

There are four major categories in which the boys have to complete in order to earn their badges. These four categories are:

  • Physical: Through drills, boys learn self-discipline and a spirit of comradeship. Outdoor adventure activities allow individual boys to develop their own physique, building endurance and resilience.
  •  Spiritual: To build character and teach positive values through Christian education and to develop boys into responsible people of the community.
  • Enrichment: Boys are given the opportunity to lead in the BB with national leadership development courses to further hone their leadership abilities. A professionally developed life skills programme helps boys to excel in life and work. The essential skill of first aid is also taught.
  • Social: Boys are also taught their roles and responsibilities to the nation through the citizenship program. Boys are encouraged to gain appropriate knowledge and then apply this in practical service to other people through community service projects such as BB Sharity Gift Box and the BB Cares programme.

In addition, there are other National Events for the boys to participate, such as

  • Adventure Quest competition
  • Character Quest competition
  • Archery Competitions (in Cluster groups)
  • Tchoukball competition (in Cluster groups)

If you are keen to be part of the team to help to nurture the youths for the Lord, please feel free to contact the church office to find out the opportunities on how you can be part of the Boy’s Brigade to make a difference in the lives of the boys.

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