Sunday Worship Service

Come join us on Sunday!

When: 2:30pm 
Where: Sanctuary (Level 4) & Gallery (Level 5)

Or you can watch our live streaming worship service at the below link:

* Combined Services with Holy Communion (SWS & YPM) 
** Special timing – please refer to weekly bulletin or under Events for the timing.

Preaching Calendar (Year 2021)

JAN Growing & Shining Together
03* Who is the King? (1)[Luke 24:13-35] Rev Jacob Ang
10 Godly leadership [Titus 1] Rev Daniel Fan
17 Godly living [Titus 2] Pst Randy Khoo
24 Gospel Living [Titus 3:1-7] Pst Robert Huynh
31 Good works [Titus 3:8-15] Rev Henry Ng
FEB Daniel: Shining in the Pagan world
07* Who is the King (2) [John 4:4-30, 39] Pst Randy Khoo
14 Blessed is the man[Psalm 1:1-3] Rev Henry Ng
21 Daniel’s Training in Babylon [Daniel 1] Rev Jacob Ang
28 Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream [Daniel 2:1-23] Rev Daniel Fan
MAR Daniel: Shining in the Pagan world
07* Church Consecration/Church Growth Rev Jacob Ang
14 Daniel interprets the dream [Daniel 2:24-49] Rev Daniel Fan
21 The image of gold and the blazing furnace [Daniel 3] Pst Randy Khoo
28 Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream of a Tree [Daniel 4] Pst Robert Huynh
APR Daniel: Shining in the Pagan world
02** It is Finished [John 19:29-30] Rev Daniel Fan
04* Christ has been Raised [1 Cor 15:17-20] Pst Randy Khoo
11 Pentecost message Pst Robert Huynh
18 The Writing on the Wall [Daniel 5] Rev Henry Ng
25 Daniel in the Den of Lions [Daniel 6]  Rev Jacob Ang
MAY Practical Christian Living (I): Current issues [1 Cor 6:12]
02* Human Vices (Gambling, Media, Entertainment, Drinking, etc) [1 Cor 6:12, etc] Pst Randy Khoo
09* Honouring Your Father & Mother [Exo 20:12] Theo & Douglas
16* Relationships in the home [Ps 34:18-19, etc] TBA
23* Sex and Sexuality [Ps 34:18-19, etc] Pst Randy Khoo
30* Christian Perspective towards Mental Health Bishop Solomon
JUN Practical Christian Living (II)
06* The Judgement of the King [Matt 25:31-46] Pst Randy Khoo
13 Retreat Theme Sermon Mr Lim Chien Chong
20 The Perfect Father (Father’s Day) [Luke 15:11-32] TBA
27 Paul’s thanksgiving [Phil 1:1-8] Rev Henry Ng
JUL Philippians: Shining as God’s People in the world (I)
04* Follow-Up Sunday: Growing or growling? [2 Pet 3:14-18] Rev Daniel Fan
11 Paul’s prayers [Phil 1:9-11] Rev Henry Ng
18 Paul’s imprisonment for the sake of Christ [Phil 1:12-26] Rev Daniel Fan
25 Living a gospel worthy life [Phil 1:27-30] Pst Randy Khoo
AUG Philippians: Shining as God’s People in the world (I)
01* Remember your leaders [Heb 13:7] Rev Jacob Ang
08 Humble service [Phil 2:1-4] Rev Joseph Yap
15 The humility of Christ [Phil 2:5-11] Rev Daniel Fan
22 Shining as lights in the world [Phil 2:12-18] Pst Randy Khoo
29 Rejoicing together! [Phil 2:19-30] Elder Jit Meng
SEP (MISSIONS MONTH) Missions after God’s Heart
05* The missionary after God’s heart [Matt 6:30-33] Rev Daniel Chua
12* Supporters after God’s heart [Neh 1] Mr Lim Chien Chong
19* Praying with God’s heart [1 Cor 16:10-18] Pst Richard Ong
26* People in God’s heart [Luke 4:18,19] Rev Rodney Hui
OCT Philippians: Shining as God’s People in the world (II)
03* The Righteousness of the King [Matt 6:30-33] Rev Jacob Ang
10 Knowing Christ [Phil 3:1-14] Rev Daniel Fan
17 Our heavenly citizenship [Phil 3:15-21] Rev Henry Ng
24 Agree in the Lord [Phil 4:1-3] Rev Joseph Yap
NOV Philippians: Shining as God’s People in the world (II)
07* The Glory of the King [John 13:31-32] Rev Daniel Fan
14 Rejoice in the Lord [Phil 4:4-7] Pst Robert Huynh
21 Practice these things [Phil 4:8-9] Rev Jacob Ang
28 Contentment in the Lord [Phil 4:10-23] Elder Jit Meng
DEC Shining as God’s Ambassadors
05* Ambassadors for Christ [2 Cor 5:17-21] Rev Jacob Ang
12 Always be prepared to make a defense [1 Peter 3:13-22] Pst Randy Khoo
19* Give thanks to the LORD [Psalm 111] Rev Henry Ng
25** Christmas Justin & Joel Tng
26* Give us a Heart of wisdom [Psalm 90] Pst Robert Huynh
31** Watchnight Service Rev Jacob Ang
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